08/12/2017 09:25:35

SATP has encountered several connectivity issues during the last days, and part of the transactions generated since November 7th were sent with a delay which might cause them to be rejected by the central system. We apologize for the inconvenience; the issue has now been solved, and SATP should now be operating normally.

08/09/2017 01:15:01

Please be informed that there will be an ADW every Friday of September from 10:00 to 20:00 GMT.

08/09/2017 08:34:59

2017 STEP2 Q4 November Release deployed in SATP and available to test


The Stand Alone Testing Partner (SATP) is available for Direct Participants to test SEPA CORE and B2B Direct Debits, SEPA Credit Transfers, and STEP2 Card Clearing messages and SEDA messages. The SATP is compliant with the latest versions of the SEPA rulebooks CORE 7.1, B2B 5.1, SCT 7.1, as well as the SCC Framework Operational Rules Version and SCC Framework Implementation Guidelines Version 2.0 The SATP is not designed to support volume tests. For this you may refer to our Test and Training information.

Access, registration & questions:

Prerequisite and conditions

T&T BIC of DP and RB must be active in STEP2 Test environment, as provisioned via T&T E-DMRF.
Registered STEP2 Contact List 'Test Contacts' for a DP share a single password to access SATP *
ID: Your T&T BIC (default) i.e. BBBBCCL0
Password: xxxxxxxxx single shared password amongst all registered Test Contacts.
* For newly added users to STEP2 Contact list, please allow 24h for SATP update.

STEP2 SEPA provisioning process

The entire process in available in ful in our online documentation.
www.ebaclearing.eu > STEP2 > SCT / SDD > Live Documentation > STEP2 SEPA User Manual - Section 8 Participant Provisioning

Lost Password?

1. Press the “Log In” button;
2. Select “Lost Password?”;
3. Enter T&T BIC in the ‘ID’ field + your STEP2 ‘Test Contact’ email and press “Send”;
4. Password reset link is sent via e-mail;
The password is shared between all the “Test Contacts” of a specific account (BIC). For this reason, whenever a password reset is requested the user should inform the rest of its SATP Test Contacts and colleagues.
Verification of SATP registered users:
All registered STEP2 Contact List “Test contacts” have access to the SATP.
All SATP users have access to the list of other registered SATP colleagues i.e. Test Contacts and in line with STEP2 Contact Lists, by selecting the “Default parameter configuration” menu.

How to register as Test Contact

Please refer to FAQ available on www.ebaclearing.eu > Customer Support > Frequently Asked Questions > How can I update the contact list?
NB: The registration takes around 24hours. For more details please refer to the SATP user Manual.